The Town of Townsend, Massachusetts

Property Assessment Data

The following information is provided as a public service to the residents and taxpayers of Townsend, Massachusetts. The Townsend Assessors Office is located at 272 Main Street, Townsend, MA 01469.

The Assessor's Department can be contacted at 978-597-1706 or by email at For more information, such as maps and forms, please visit the Assessors homepage or click here. There is a counter terminal in the Assessors' Office which may be used for accessing property record cards during normal hours.

Please note that any recent data updates and new construction made in our live office database may not be reflected in this online database until the next annual update. All information and data displayed are for assessment purposes only and it's not guaranteed or warranted. Please click on the link below to our town website for more information.


Annual update date: FY2022 data as of December 2021.

Vicki Tidman, Principal Assessor

Jodie Deschenes, Administrative Assessor

Laura Shifrin, Chair

Carol LeConti, Vice Chair

Jill Peterson, Member